Unlike other content management systems, GoScale CMS stores most of it's content inside Google infrastructure, i.e. on YouTube, Blogger, Picasa and so on. It means that GoScale CMS-powered site is able to integrate content from all of those services.

GoScale CMS is an extension of Django CMS, so it gives you access to great features like front-end editing and dozens of extensions—free and open source! It's easy to deploy in the cloud to sustain huge payloads.

Google Servers + Google Service = Your high-load website (FREE)

This is how GoScale CMS works:


Integrate your website blog from Blogger or Tumblr.


Images are integrated from Picasa and Google+ albums. Picasa offers a choice of uploading techniques: online, mobile and desktop. It's perfect for collaboration, e.g. putting together conference photos from different photographers.


YouTube with its playlists and channels is handy for showing lots of videos.


Events are handled by Google Calendar, fully packed with collaboration features.


Embed beautiful presentations from Google Docs, Slideshare and Speakerdeck.


Google Docs forms allow for effective feedback pickup.


Visit the demo to get the hang of all the features.

Get It Now — Free

GoScale CMS is finally open-source! We've been producing websites using the system for a while, and now we want to give back to the community and share our technology with developers all over the world! Subscribe to GoScale CMS mailing list, get the code on GitHub and read the Documentation.

Let us help

If you are not a developer and you want a GoScale CMS powered website we'll be happy to create it for you.

What can be a better solution than the creators of this product rolling it out for you in the quickest possible way!